SpiderFriend 0.19a

Visualize a web of your Facebook friends in 3D


  • A different perspective on your friends


  • Works as Facebook app but outside Facebook
  • Takes time to load
  • Buggy

Not bad

The Facebook fad brought along with it all sorts of applications to interact with your friends and organize your network.

SpiderFriend is not a Facebook app, it installs as a regular application, yet you'll need to access your Facebook account to make it work.

Once launched, the program will generate a 3D environment of all your friends, with links showing connections between them. You can click on any one of them, or even your icon (at the top left), to get taken to the profile page.

SpiderFriend also lets you browse through your contacts via the icon list on the right of the interface. To look through the web of contacts you can use the controls on the bottom left of the program.

SpiderFriend certainly offers an original view of your networks, however it's obviously still very much in development. When tested, the applicatio took quite some time to start up, froze on occasions and often crashed.

We also had trouble displaying friend images properly.

One last thing that confused us is the fact stated before, that SpiderFriend is Facebook app outside of Facebook, which makes it a little confusing.

SpiderFriend is too unstable to be used seriously. Let's wait and see how it will improve, as the idea is still very much promising.

SpiderFriend visualizes a web of your Facebook friends in 3D. You grab 3D space and rotate it around or click on friends' icons. You can select yourself or use the buttons on the left to rotate the space.



SpiderFriend 0.19a

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